Free Social Media strategies that Dropshippers should know!

This is common and general knowledge about social media and the nature of each platform, as you can search easily like “Facebook vs. Instagram”. Besides making a website, dropshippers should know the tips of using Social media!

Basically, the aims of social media are to create a connection with your customer, some websites will use Email direct marketing (EDM), but your email is probably blocked by Gmail (move to the promotional box) … That’s why Facebook and Instagram is dominating in Social media advertising


User-Generated Content: Let them be your endorsement!

The idea is simple, as long as you are publishing good content (high engagement, click rate.. ) then your feed will be shown to more users (your followers). It’s free, you can do it completely FREE of CHARGE. Sounds doable, right?

Content is KING !, I know you know the terms of content marketing already, but most of the dropshippers are not good at creating their own content, and simply copy the information from their supplier.

BUT, content is not only from the business owner but can be also USER-GENERATED :

Positive comment helps to boost your business and negative comment alerts you to improve!

Assume you are buying a T-shirt online. We do not ONLY want to see a pretty model wearing the T-shirt. Back to the reality, we are not a MODEL :’( , we don’t have their height and skinny body … :’(


GIVE THEM SOME REALITY! It could be by your customer, or by you (your own comment and review). Customer reviews are always very important based on peer-to-peer effect: The concept is she is a normal person and I’m normal as well, we do not need a perfect body to wear this T-shirt.


Publish your content in 3 Levels – to create Value

We publish the information that values and contribute to the followers, by 3 levels :

Help, Hub , Hero This is primarily a Youtube content strategy proposed from Google, by building your content incrementally and step-by-step.


Help content is very useful and common in K-beauty industry, to give your customer a Tutorials / Tips

Help Content with brand & behind the scene videos, especially with the brand endorsement, the endorsement effect


Content is King! That’s what Google said and it can be applied to Social media, Google search engine marketing. The platform is really smart now, they can “Read” and “Rate” your content by user’s response.

Even you spend $1,000 to invest on the advertising, it gives you really short-term results, try to build a long-term strategy (like us) by giving high-value content to your followers by Step-by-Step !