Fake items in Aliexpress products are serious

We have to be serious and strict to criticize some brands & sellers are selling FAKE Korean Brand & counterfeit products!

As the topic, we would like to advise you DO NOT BUY or RESELL those fake & counterfeit products, this will ruin your reputation and we are surprised that most of the dropshippers do not even know those are counterfeit products.

Let’s move on to the main part that shows you the counterfeit products and pleases spread and avoid those items if you are currently buying “Korean cosmetics” from Aliexpress / any other China B2B platforms. Read the following guide to avoid counterfeit products :

Mocking the design of Popular K-beauty brands

We do not want to point out the brand but no doubt, we see very “Similar” design that makes people who are not familiar with K-beauty products mixed with the counterfeit products. click here to see more

[Fluff] Really bad dupes from AsianBeauty

The following is the same brand from Aliexpress as well

And let’s take a look the Real Korean Brand: Nature Republic  



Avoid Chinese Words on the Package

Take a deep look into product package, if there is a lot of Chinese wordings, then you should think about if this is Made in China or Made in Korea …

Let’s see the Real Korean Brand – Missha 

Missha X Line Friends had co-brand products and that’s the original one


Avoid the sellers that using 3D product image

And this is actually very similar to Etude House

Why would you buy Korean-Made products from China?

That is a question that we asked the dropshippers who came to us and said they have a better wholesale price than us and sent us the link from Aliexpress. We just want to ask those Dropshippers, if you are buying Korean cosmetics products, what makes you think that a China supplier will have a better price than a Korea company ?

The answer is simple and cruel, that is YOU ARE BUYING K-BEAUTY PRODUCT THAT MADE-IN-CHINA …

We are not saying that we have the best price ever, but all we can gurantee is you are buying 100% authentic and Real Korean cosmetics products and we ship from Korea directly, all shipment with tracking and you can see the parcel is sent from Korea to international…

So, now… Send to your friend / your dropshippers if they are currently selling Counterfeit Products! ASK THEM TO STOP!


You need a reliable Korean cosmetics dropshipping supplier, rather than risking your business to buy a product from Aliexpress.


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