What are the MUST elements for your Dropshipping Website?

There are many ways to create a website, we have mentioned Shopify in the last article and in this article we are here to cover the deeper view in website elements for your dropshipping business.

The website is your SHOP and the touch point to turn your visitor to customer, as same as the traditional retail concept a shop needs a decoration, product and some information for your customer to know more about your business. This is a great chance for you to differentiate yourself with your competitor. So, your shop not only receiving payment, the concept is the same as a physical shop (you need to create “ENVIRONMENT” for your customer)


Here is some of the MUST HAVE element for your online shop (B2C business) :


About Us / Your Story

Try to answer the following questions in the about us section :

Why would you start this business?

Who are you?

Why you sell this product?

Where are the goods from?

Why would you have a wholesale discount?

True story makes customer trust you, dont brag , dont lie … …

Some of the dropshippers try to convince their customer by saying that you have an international warehouse and that’s why the products are shipped from different countries. When the customer receives product from China with a broken package, they all know its Aliexpress, so DONT LIE, you will lose your customer and if they left a negative comment on your facebook page, its gonna ruin your business.


My case again, I love Korean cosmetics and I see the trend of cosmetics and here is the little part of Habrour-World.com’s about us :


“We start our Dropshipping business in 2013, we tried consumer electronics, home garden products and finally we selected Korean Cosmetics ! At the beginning, we suffered from scams, bad quality, low delivery speed , high product cost, low margins … WE HAD ENOUGH ! We decided to FOUND a RELIABLE SUPPLIER in KOREA !
In 2016, We found our BEST SUPPLIER in SEOUL, which is giving us the perfect support and we discussed with them and created our business together. “

In the about us section, I’ve highlighted my supplier is from Seoul, Korea, my painful experience and that’s why we start this business! And we have a very competitive price to be a dropshipping supplier as we have a Korea team


Return&Guarantee: What is the guarantee if customer buy the product from you, but not others?


If you are selling branded items: how can you guarantee the product is authentic?

They will ask if you are authorized distributor/agent, again dont brag, dont lie …

Most of the dropshippers cannot be the distributor, and the customer knows it as well. They ask this question just want to know if they are buying authentic products or not. If you are not the distributor, just say, “you are not”, but you can guarantee the products that we sell are all authentic and if you receive any fake product, we can refund to you.


If you are doing OEM product / No brand, how can you guarantee the product quality ?

That’s why you need to try the products by yourself if you have tried the product. You can tell the customer directly, you are the user of this product as well, and its quality is good that’s why I sell it …


My advice : DONT SELL FAKE PRODUCT /LOW-QUALITY PRODUCT, you will have to return and refund a lots of order.


But there is another case, the online shop would like to offer 30 days return, indeed, lots of research proposed the return rate is very low and it’s a great “gimmick” to attract your customer, as they feel safe to buy with you.


Customer Service: Who should I talk to? When will I receive your reply?

If you want to get close with your customer, put your name into your shop / the contact page, especially, if you are targeting female customer.

For example, put your name – on the contact page – talk with me if you need any help

I will reply to your email within 2 working days, if you are a team simply let your customer know your team will response with XX days.

Also, use Facebook messenger to communicate with your customer in real-time. Nobody wants to wait, we are in the fast-paced world, use Facebook chatbot to answer some of the typical questions for you.


Test and play with our Bot here

Product Recommendation 

Help your customer to select the products faster, for example: sort the product by skin problem: dryness, acne, blackhead

Popular product / hot selling items would help as well, as more people buy it feels safe. (Customer behavior again)

Here is the design of Laneige US official website, the design is clean, simple and easy to use, you do not need fancy design, but sorting the product into the right categories would help your customer find the right product faster.


Q&A : Can I use Marketplace?

Yes, of course, you can, marketplace brings you organic traffic (free traffic), it the transaction faster because those who visit and search a product on the marketplace is most likely a “SHOPPER”


What does it mean a SHOPPER?

For example, I want cream, so I go to Amazon.com and search for the product

I have strong purchase intention to buy a cream-> Seller needs lesser effort to convert me to be your customer


Oh, thats great then I should use the marketplace rather than my own online shop?

Wait wait…. Due to the strong purchase intention of the special product. At the same time, the opportunity to cross-sell / up-sell this SHOPPER is relatively harder (even we know the suggested product from Amazon is a great marketing tool)


Also, the marketplace does not allow you to Differentiate your shop, you are following the routine procedure, offering a standard service ,then the only metric the customer will consider is the price … You will be involved in a price war and hard to turn back.


If you are currently using marketplace / planning to have a marketplace?


First of all customer service will be a plus, but you can do it in an ADVANCED way :

Try to differentiate your offer, Create a product bundle and make your offer unable to measure

For example is a great example, the customer can measure the value easily by comparing with other sellers’ prices, but the following bundle set is relatively harder / unable to be measured, as it combines with lots of valuable accessories :


But create a website as well, when you have free time.