With the hit of “Korean Drama”, South Korea’s fashion trend is deeply affect our daily life.

No matter hairstyle, dress, makeup, food …

Looking at the Korean beauties, they have a prefect outlook with good condition of skin.

So, What is the secret of their skin care technology and tricks ?


01 Strict Attitude of Life

Korean cosmetics legislation and standards have done very well to make sure the product standard,

Korean cosmetic in terms of overall safety, is even better than Europe and the United States and Japan products,

This is the important reason of lots of local consumers choosing Korean cosmetic products rather than foreigner goods.

Control the output, not excessive logging, and high standard quality check! Korean brand owner also control the wholesale Korean cosmetic market as well, to make sure the Wholesale Korean cosmetic price is reasonable and left relative profit margin to reseller and retailer.


02 Brand Competition is fierce

Talking about Korean cosmetic, brand competition is fierce, there are more than 2,000 brands in the market.

If the selling point or product attribute are not strong enough, the brands will be fall into disuse immediately. High-Tech makes Korean cosmetic much more competitive than other countries brands, as Korean companies are competing their technology everyday, just like BB Cushion, from IOPE , Laneige , AprilSkin, Age20’s … all of them got their own attributes and upgrade their production and version time to time, to make it the best of the market.

Also Korean cosmetic is strictly linked proportion from to quality to price, that is based on all Made in Korea product are basically for local use at first and talk about export later on. If the local market did not give a positive feedback to the product they do not have a chance to export their product, so most of the Korean cosmetic are written in Korean only but no English , no Chinese at the beginning , however once the local market is good, they will consider export to other countries and have add extra materials to the package.

That is why, Korean cosmetic and skincare products are all in very reasonable and affordable prices, they are not only putting investment in marketing and advertising, but importantly the product performance itself.

Unlike other brand in China, US, France, most of their effort are put in marketing, however, so in customer end, the retail price is relatively high and some of them are not even qualified to sell on the A-Brand price.

03 for Asian Skin condition

Korean cosmetics are suitable for Asian, European brands are not as good as South Korea, no doubt for the reason. Because of the research and develop is based on Western skin condition and those are solving their problems and not for Asian skin,

LG and the Amore Pacific and other cosmetic brands, spent 40- 50% of total profit into research and development of new product and trying to give the best solution to solve Asian Skin problem.


04 Precious ingredients and materials

Most of the Korean skincare products is based on traditional Chinese medicine. There are many Korean skincare brands are following the concept of Chinese medicine and made it natural to every users. Compare to the chemical composition of Europe and the United States and Japan skincare product , the way of Korean skincare product ingredients are more suitable for Asian’s skin.

Such as Whoo, they are using very precious ingredients of Chinese medicine to be the raw materials and the key raw material is very important to a successful product, even though the popular brand such as Innisfree, raw materials are also from the Jeju Island pure green tea seed essence.



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