What do you need to start the Dropshipping business?

Essentially, starting a dropshipping business needs some elements and tools that helps you to capture and expand your business and target audience much faster. We will cover 4 different elements : Website , Social media , Advertising and Product in this article, you will have the understanding of what you need to prepare before starting your dropshipping business.


Dropshipping Website

It could be Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, Opencart …

My first website is by WordPress , and I had Prestashop and another system

You can choose the platform, based on their strengths and comparison

If you are a newbie, we personally recommend Shopify. Dropshipping with Shopify is an easier choice for the new e-commerce user, as the system is well-built, but you will need to pay for a membership (subscription fee start from USD$29) and they have full tutorials and template for you

Here is the link for the Shopify Tutorial


Facebook / Instagram account (Social media account)

Of course, you can use any other social media channels, twitter, weibo … depends on your target audience

I use facebook only, I used to have Instagram but drop it as my business nature is not suitable to use Instagram (based on the user nature of Instagram)

Pick your own social media based on your niche, but I would say Facebook is the general one

By using Facebook to create your brand/product community to gather the people with the same interests in the group or a fan page

For example, if anyone like or follow our page, then we assume they have the same characteristics with other followers that they are interested in Korean Cosmetics and Dropshipping as well.



You can lower your ad budget and increase the conversion rate when you have a large customer base and reviews (trust).

But, in the very first stage, you have no followers or fans then you might need to spend a little bit on advertising to let the platform (could be social media platform) or search engine to give you paid exposure on their platform.

You can promote your website and facebook page by Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords as well, if you are a newbie again, Go watch some tutorial about the advertising system first.

We recommend to watch the free tutorials from Miles Beckler about Facebook advertising in USD$5 per day:

And about SEO and free marketing tricks from Neil Patel :

Both of them have a Youtube Channel that teaches you to step by step and give you new update about Facebook and Google algorithm, subscript them if you would like to learn more about Online marketing and advertising, and IT IS FREE, you do not need to pay any online marketing course … There is a lot of free resources on Youtube



A good product (What is the definition of a good product? – the product you will personally use and you will repurchase… :P) If you have never tried any of them and sell them, its relatively harder (somehow it works, but I do not recommend)

Go for some forum and get ideas and also some user feedback about the products that you want to sell


I highly recommend you to have 4 of them, as if you have 4 of them then it is a complete e-commerce ecosystem. They are highly correlated.


What if I do not have 4 elements?

Product & Facebook are mandatory in my point of view, you can sell your product on facebook by using #hashtag to increase your exposure. That is the OLD way, like 3 years ago, it’s quite easy, but now the algorithm of Facebook makes you need to use Ad. But its alright if you want to try before putting too much money on this business.


Using Facebook to create your own customer base is very important, I’m gonna share with you the case of Tasty (search Tasty on Facebook) , this is a cooking channel (primary), but now they have their own kitchenware. The concept is a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) approach, the case of Pony that we have mentioned in the last article. Are using the KOL concept, she did not have any website at the very first beginning but only Youtube. You use Facebook to connect with the those who are interested in this topic, for example, cosmetics, you can pushing different content about the latest make-up trend and gain organic growth, eventually, you can sell some product to your audience.