What is Dropshipping ?

There are too many search result, but if you want to know, just Google “ Drop-shipping” click to the very first organic result and you will know. We are here to cover the core concept of dropshipping, it is basically a new e-commerce model that lowering the seller’s risks, the seller only order the product when customer paid for the product in advanced and seller place order from suppplier, supplier will ship the product on seller’s behalf to the customer.

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But what about starting a dropshipping business in 2019 ? …

Yes, we have seen a lots of exisiting dropshippers or potential dropshippers are wondering about starting busienss in dropshipping model… We would like to answer the FAQ as following :

Is Dropshipping dying ?

In my point of view – NO , we are doing dropshipping business since 2013 and we only see the dramatic grouwth of dropshipping, but not seeing any drops so far, that’s why we turn our business from dropshippers to be a dropshipping supplier in 2016.

I know there is lots of reviews or drop-shippers talk about this, but basically, they say so because of they are using Aliexpress and the product quality is bad, the shipping time is long, no customer service ….. ….. …..

Check the review from PissedConsumer 

Again, Do not use Aliexpress, find a better dropshipping supplier.  How to find a better supplier?

You have to communicate with them directly, and basically, you need a website and let them know you are a REAL- ONLINE BUSINESS OWNER

Dropshipping business is still growing very fast, we can gurantee it as long as you are providing a good product and service.


What about product niche or what should I sell ?

Product is a important concept in marketing, our advice is to “Go for something you really like or really good at“. Do something you really want to learn or dedicate your time, and try to leverage your knowledge and strength.

A typical example, if you love to watch Makeup tutorial on YouTube, and you are willing to spend time to share your views and tricks, tips about make-up or skincare, then you are potential dropshipping in cosmetics niche, there is a real case in Korea, Pony- a famous Youtuber in Korea, she shares her knowledge and make-up tutorial on Youtube and now she has expanded her business into Korean cosmetics brand – Pony Effect

Pony, the founder of Pony Effect, who is a K-beauty lover and professional make-up artist


WHY you should go for something you like?

I know there is a lot of gurus tells you to research a niche by some websites … by the trend …

The dropshipping business is not only building a website, but you need to create a lot of marketing materials , blog, and you have to research on this aspects to get some update information. If you do not love what you are selling, that’s LAME …. LAME WORK …. You will not enjoy ….

Also, if you are good at something, you will definitely know the good source or supplier, for example, I love make-up and I know kbeauty product is very good for business where should I buy my product (Stawberry.net / Sasa.com) then, you can start selling the product to other countries.


Can someone be my mentor ?

No, you do not need a mentor to teach you how to do business, everyone has business sense, like you buy a stock at $5, sell it at $10. YES, you got it that’s BUSINESS

You can develop your own way to do your business, you do not need to be a SUPER ONLINE MARKETER.


How much I should spend on dropshipping ?

It can be ZERO, or a lot … Depends on your need , you can go to online directory and sell your product. But i never try this , I use website as well.


Where can I find a reliable dropshipping supplier?

There is no absolute answer, you will need some time to research and communicate with your desired dropshipping supplier if they are not currently offering dropshipping business model. Convince them that you can resell their products and brands through your knowledge and experience.

Bare in mind the reliable supplier might not give you the best price, but a good delivery time, good product, good customer service, good after-sale. 

Also a quick tip, go for supplier that focus on a niche, for exmaple you do not want your dropshipping supplier selling korean cosmetics, food, clothes at the same time, they might not be professional in the niche, you are not looking for a grocery supplier that sell everything, you need a supplier that can provide professional information for you and willing to grow business with you,

Search on the internet to find the current seller of your niche and contact them and let them know you want to dropship their product.