The selling channels for the products

As we all know, selling channels are “Place” in the marketing mix. We have mentioned Product, Price and this time, Place.

Place is referring to the process of delivering products from the shop to the customer. In the case of dropshipping, it got a little bit tricky here, as you as the dropshipper do not need to deliver the products. However, your supplier will fulfil the order for you.

So, the place in meaning included the geographic location and online landscape at the same time.

Leverage your strength – Ship from Korea

Most of the customer will have to think about if the products are authentic or not, simply let them know you got 100% guarantee with the product authenticity and freshness.

All Korean cosmetics are shipped from Korea directly, let this be the gimmick of your shop. The shipping process is also handled by our professional team in Korea.

Make sure you know how to leverage and make use of the strength. We have your back!

The geographic location will be a Plus to promote your shop, to be 100% from Korea. That is simply and make sure you emphasize in it.

The online landscape  – Selling platform

Here to the main part of how to select the selling channels.

First of all, we only list out the platform because of the ease of use, we do not have any collaboration with them or affiliation.

Here is the key – Choose the platform that you are familiar with!

You can use Facebook or Instagram as selling channels. There is 100% no problem, we do not have any restriction for the selling channels.

Shopify – The most popular selection for Dropshipper

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to subscript based on your need.

The basic plan starts with USD$29 per month, you will have all the necessary function in the basic plan.

We do not recommend you to switch to an advanced plan unless you have a really big business.

The most important thing that you have to be awarded, Shopify charges you every single transaction.

Also, Shopify will hold your payment, if they found any suspicious orders.

They have a good management system, for those who cannot fulfil or scamming money from the customer, they will freeze their account.

The good thing is , they are well-linked with a different platform, for example, Facebook marketing, Google analytics … For you to track your sales.

The apps would be very useful for dropshippers, for example, Kit for auto-publish Facebook Post for the shop, by simply reply the Chatbot. If you are looking for a super easy to use the platform to start your shop, then Shopify is definitely the one for you.

Most importantly, there are lots of Facebook Interests group for Shopify X Dropshipping, you might talk with the group member if you have any problem.


Prestashop – Free for everyone & easy to customize

We had our dropshipping business start with Prestashop, at that time the only thing that we concern is budget.

We had no budget when we start our dropshipping business. (Cry… 🙁 )

The great part of Prestashop is they are for e-commerce user (even you do not know how to use it, there are lots of Youtube tutorials)

We love them, as there are lots of possibilities to customize it. I mean the function and integration.

To be honest, in terms of ease of use I would say it’s not very easy for the newbie. Not very user-friendly (We know the 1.7 version is much better now).

Also, a plus for dropshippers, they do not charge anything or you do not need to buy any other modules to kickstart your dropshipping business.

Super good at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can easily edit the meta title or description (as default).

Oh! Most important! You can change your shop to B2B shop or marketplace (allow the vendor to sell in the marketplace) by the setting. If you are looking for a new business model or new concept to dropship products, Prestashop would be a great choice!

WordPress – The best place for content marketing

If you want to build a closer relationship with your customer – the Blog post is the best way. (For your reference, this post is published by WordPress)

A blog post can talk about why you start the Korean cosmetics business and recommend your favourite products to others!

If you are good at the blog and want to build a shop, then simply download the plugin – Woocommerce 

So you can manage your blog & shop at one place – WordPress.

Woocommerce is still the most popular e-commerce system so far, but you need to download the plugin by yourself from WordPress plugin market. As WordPress itself is not an e-commerce based system, the primary goal for WordPress is Blog.

One thing you need to bear in mind, we know that Woocommerce is getting better but if you are handling a large number of products.

The bulk edit and import system are not very easy to use (for us), we tried to use Woocommerce as our shop but the 2700SKUs are definitely too hard to be managed in Woocommerce.

But you can select the products that you want to start your dropshipping stores with Woocommerce, with around 100-200 SKUs. They are good at it and your customer can stay shopping and reading your blog at the same website and system.

Marketplace – Enjoy the Free traffic

Marketplace refers to multi-vendors shops, it means Amazon, Ebay, Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee …

Indeed, you can enjoy free and massive traffic and you have a well-built system (this is managed by the marketplace admin)

However, you need to be careful on the terms and price-war.

Most of the marketplace has their own payment terms – monthly, bi-weekly and it will hold your payment until your customer confirmed the goods are received.

Price war is the main concern that you should take a look, we have to say if you want to be the top rank sellers in the search result. You need to have a good price and a good reputation. This differs in different marketplaces and we all know customers want to buy the best price in the best quality. Which means you are competing in the same landscape with your competitors.

Talk with the platform and see if you can have an account manager to be responsible for your business and be aggressive to join the promotional offered from the marketplace.

Make sure you select the correct place to sell Korean Cosmetics product, no one will buy Korean Cosmetics in an electronic marketplace.



The best place to dropship Korean cosmetics is based on your personal selection.

With the good selling channel will give you a big help. If you are willing to spend time on Advertising or SEO, you can choose Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce.

If you do not want to drive traffic by yourself, then you can select the marketplace.

Every selling channel can sell and reach your customer, it just depends on how you plan and market your product.