K-beauty product knowledge and brands

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The product is the most important thing

The basic of marketing foundation concept: Marketing Mix  – Product, Price, Place, Promotion!


We are not going to give you a marketing lecture, but selling a good product is the key and most basic thing a business. If you are our member, yes! No worries! We have sorted this out for you already!

However, you have to understand your product!

Korean Cosmetics products are no doubt that rising in Western countries!

The reason why is the concept of Asian beauty skin care routine! The k-beauty product is using the traditional ingredients from Korean culture 

I bet you know a little bit about why Korean Beauty is popular in Asia and spreading to Western countries!

The 2019 Skincare trend & competitor’s product


This video is inspiring, even its not focus on K-beauty product, but it reflects the customer trend. What kind of product that they will look for in 2019.

To coop with the trend, you will need to study your target audiences’ buying behaviour

How? By monitoring your competitor, they might be a small online shop or a big retailer.

Check out their facebook page with user’ engagement with the post.

There are a few common cases :

  1. Product Request: When there is a product request, you should remark this and see if you can fulfil this niche
  2. Likelihood of the product or brand: It can be seen by the likes, comment of the post, to see if users are interested to the product or campaign or not.
  3. Tag their friend: You should click to the tagged person and study his / her profile (demographic data: age, education, work, interests… which would help you to define your target audience in the coming campaign)

The Product Reviews of K-Beauty product

Product reviews are always a great selling pitch for your product.

If you found some blogger that are having a reputation in the K-beauty or cosmetics industry, follow them!

While they are publishing their video content, their reviews could be your free selling pitch to your customer.

See how they are going to review the product and it would help you to understand the product that you are currently selling.

(This is a very effective way, as we do not expect you to buy every product to test by yourself: We have 2700 products online. If you buy 2700 products to test, your initial cost is very high)


Product & Brand briefing

We have many Korean cosmetics brands available, but there are a few brands that you MUST know:

Laneige – Moisture & Water

Laneige , this is the most popular Korean skincare product in Korea and Western as well, the King Product:

Laneige is famous for moisturizer and Sleeping mask. The Water Bank and Water Sleeping Product line are always the most top selling product.

Laneige Water Sleeping mask is the most recommended K-Beauty product ever!

The price range of Laneige is in mid-range, around USD$30-50 per product.

The target audience is very wide and general, as they are selling the basic skincare product, like lotion, cream, a mask that performed very well. If you are selling their product, the target setting would be very wide. You can narrow it down by location (your targeg and interests (Korean culture, Kpop, Beauty …)

They also have an anti-ageing line – Time Freeze, which is targeting 30+ female audience, and Homme line – Active Water for men.


Innisfree – Natural ingredients & affordable

The second brand that we are going to introduce is Innisfree 

Innisfree is famous in using different natural ingredients

the most popular product lines are :

Innisfree Green tea seed serum 80ml

Innisfree Jeju orchid enriched cream 50ml

Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore clay mask

Innisfree is offering very affordable price to a wide product line, they have roughly more than 300 SKUs, from skincare, makeup, body care, haircare, tool, perfume …

The main target audience of Innisfree is focused on natural ingredients, sensitive skin or looking for special care, for example ance problem, pore, blackhead…

The wide age-range product, from 18+ to 50+, and they come up with the new anti-aging product line: Wrinkle Science and they also have the Homme line – Forest


Aritaum – The potential K-beauty brand

Aritaum is under Amore Pacific, which means the same company as Innisfree, Laneige, Etude House… It was similar a retail branch to resell Amore Pacific’s products. Then come up with their own product line.

What we can say is, the quality of Aritaum’s product is no doubt the same as the other brand like Laneige, Innisfree. However, Aritaum is not very popular in western countries, because of the lack of exposure in the international market

They are entering the Western market now, they have retail shops in U.S, Canada already.

The most popular product line is their Make-up line : Full Cover BB cream, Color Live Tint … As they offer wide-range of colors in their lipsticks, eye shadow …

Make sure you do not miss this potential brands, they are very well-known in Korea local market, but not a hot brand in Western market, lack of product reviews so far.

This is a great starting point for our dropshippers to leverage their product to your home country. If you are able to provide product reviews and viedos, that would help you to stand out in the market.


Etude House – The dream of every girl

Talking about Etude House, they are the wonderland of every girl.


The product is very cute and lovely that makes many girls be their die heart fan.

Recently, they have collaboration with Disney – The Winnie the Pooh Line <3 Tell me who can resist it?

Etude House target audience is the young female, 18+ to 30+, love the cute and lovely product.

They have more than 500 products, across Skincare, makeup, hair, tool, body…

The price is differ by the product start from USD$ 2 to USD$ 50…

The most popular line is the moistful collagen line


Sulwhasoo – The heritage luxury brand

Sulwhasoo is the top-ended brand in K-beauty industry, focus on premium product and anti-aging line.

This brand has a long history in Korea, since 1966 . They are using premium natural ingredients and the most iconic brand under Amore Pacific group.

There is no doubt that their position is in the high-priced range, but the product quality and ingredients are very rare – Ginseng.

The most popular product line is – First Care 

If you are selling Sulwhasoo, you will have a very clear target, mature women 25+ to 65+, high disposal income. Looking for product benefits and performance.



Knowing the benefit and positioning of the Kbeauty product would help you to find your own target audience and market. Each brand is having a sharp and clear brand image.

You have a great starting point with us, as you can select products from a wide range of SKUs. No matter you are targeting in young age or mature range, skincare or make up products. We have them all for you !

With the strength to dropship with us, you can spend more time on planning for your marketing plan, learning from your competitors.

Stick with the beauty trend to market the product and deliver to the target audience.

We can only introduce the most popular brands in this acticle, but in the future we hope to elaborate more brands like Primera, Hera, Dr.Jart+ … Stay Tuned !!!

You may be fresh to e-commerce or dropshipping , but stay with us we will help you and give you the recommendation to achieve sucess together!


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