Drop-surfing Vs. Drop-shipping ?

Recently, I have seen an advert from Facebook from a”Dropshipping -Guru “, that proposed a new term – Drop-surfing.  (Mind boomed)… I clicked into the advert and see what is Drop-surfing that he is talking about.

And surprised how easy for a Guru or so-called online coach to earn money from the dropshippers … So here is what I want to talk about Drop-surfing and the online courses or coaches nowadays. So the following, I will talk about what exactly is “drop-surfing” , what is the differences with “Drop-shipping” and what would happen if you pursue to Drop-surfing.


What is Drop-surfing ?

Before knowing the definition of drop-surfing, I want to make sure you have fully-understanding of drop-shipping. Okay, if you understand the meaning of drop-shipping let’s move further on Drop-surfing’s definition from Quora :

Drop surfing is a different way of drop shipping from multiple vendors in order to get the best price and shipping price. Certain products are less expensive with specific drop shippers than others. Building or utilizing a platform to scan multiple vendors for the best options is a part of the theory of drop surfing as opposed to the classic model with a single drop shipper.

Yes, here we are, so can you spot the differences with Drop-shipping ?

Drop-surfing Vs Drop-shipping

So basically, Drop-surfing IS NOT a new business model or a new concept, but just propose you should find the cost-leader in your niche, what does it mean exactly? You go for the CHEAPEST supplier ever, without considering the business relationship with your existing supplier.

That is a very common routine of dropshippers, they go check on Aliexpress and sort the product by price: low to high and they order from the cheapest one. Indeed, they thought that is the most profitable way of doing dropshiping business. At the end, they lost confidence and trust from their customer as the cheapest supplier do not offer any service to them.

The shipment is not sent on-time, no tracking, bad quality … and then go back to the old topic “Drop-shipping is Dying” (I have seen this since 2016), but until today, Dropshipping business is still here, and we are still supplying to dropshippers.


What would happen if you pursue Drop-surfing ?

So, is drop-surfing a good or sustainable way to do your dropshiping business ? Well, I don’t think so, so as McKenzie,R. from Storehack.com  , this kind of “thinking” is actually harming the e-commerce and dropshiping industry by profit-oriented mindset. Stop it if you are doing it.

Dropshipping is kind of a business-to-business (B2B) transaction, which you (as a supplier nor dropshippers) should focus on “relationship”. What would happen if there is no relationship? No trust, no understanding of your business, both of the parties will not succeed.

The supplier is trying to be the cost-leader by lowering the cost, the dropshipper is switching to another supplier every day, based on the price. A keyword that you should bear in mind – Switching Cost



I want to summarize the ideas by a graph from Google Trend and you will see drop-shipping is still here, growing a lot.

Basically, the dropshipping model does not violate anything with the traditional business relationship, as long as you have a good dropshipping supplier, you should never let go!  Do not blindfold your eyes by the short-term profit margin that you can get from the supplier, but think about switching cost and relationship more.