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We are your reliable Dropshipping suppliers from Korea
We know Dropshipping Pain points ! We have been through it !

We start our Dropshipping business in 2013, we tried consumer electronics, home garden products and finally we selected Korean Cosmetics !
At the beginning, we suffered from scams, bad quality, low delivery speed , high product cost, low margins … WE HAD ENOUGH ! We decided to FOUND a RELIABLE SUPPLIER in KOREA !
In 2016, We found our BEST SUPPLIER in SEOUL, which is giving us perfect support and we discussed with them and created
With a local Korean team, we are able to provide competitive price, speedy service and Most importantly – authentic guarantee for all of our products! All shipments are sent from Korea directly ! We love our team and our dropshipping customers <3
We understand the pain-point of being a international drop-shipper as we have been through it ! Join us today and enjoy the reliable Korean Cosmetic Dropshipping Business !

The Dropshipping Process
  1. Subscript
    Be our Dropshipper
  2. Place Order
    When you receive order, Let us know !
  3. Shipping
    We ship to your customers
  4. All Done
    Now you Earn from Dropshipping !
Here are just a few reviews
from our satisfied Clients
I am a FULL-TIME Mom and Online Seller ! Working at office makes me really tired and I decided to resign and start my business with Harbour-World ! I love the support from Harbour-World team ! The service gives me a really good and competitive price, I can enjoy the profit margin and WORK AT HOME ! Thank you for the amazing service ! You guys are the best!
Mavis G.
Advanced Member
Starting my own Korean Cosmetics Business on Amazon and Ebay with Harbour-World gives me an extra income ! I can expand my business to create my own online shop now ! 🙂
Laural B
Pro-Seller Member
Having a good start of my dropshipping business with ! Thanks for empowering us to resell Korean cosmetics products without any stocking risk ! With the amazing support with Harbou-World team, we have achieved our first sales target in 3 months ! I'm glad to work with you guys !
Enterprise Cusotmer
Our startup app service
template plan and Price
Advanced Plan
Best price
USD $99

per month

  • 7-Days Free Trial
  • 1-Click Import Function to Shopify
  • Access to Advanced drop-shipping offer (Up to 30-35% profit margin)
  • Auto-Sync and Update Products
  • Auto Mark-Up Features
  • No Minimum Order

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